Benefits of Estoal


Established in 1986 supplying the best products with 100% satisfaction  

1100% SPANISH HIGH QUALITY MANUFACTURING, ESTOAL makes all its products in extruded aluminium in-house in Spain.

2A LARGE RANGE OF PRODUCTS AVAILABLE More than 2000 items at your disposal.

3 NO RUST, OUTSTANDING QUALITY, due to the high quality of our items, made 100% in extruded aluminium, corrosion problems can’t occur. Quality, accuracy, resistance and durability are assured.

*Metal Technological Centre Certificates are available.

4NO CRACKS OR DEFORMATIES, another benefit of Extruded Aluminium

5LASTING DURABILITY AND PERFECT FIT, all of our items are manufactured by an automated process and strict monitoring. All our designs have a guaranteed thickness which ensures lasting durability and a perfect fit.

6TOP QUALITY SCREWS, ESTOAL screws are custom-made specifically for our fittings, guaranteed not to break, available both in zinc finish 10.9 quality and stainless steel A2 coated.

7BESPOKE PRODUCTS, we are flexible, any dimension can be adapted to any requirement needed. Aluminium bolts are also available in a wide range of diameters 13, 9, 8, 7, 6 5… and shapes (squares, ovals, rectangulars…)

8A FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING PROCESS, we can adapt our manufacturing process to accommodate any new sizes or requirements.

9DELIVERY TIME, our premises have the facility to hold many items in stock, which enables us to offer our customers competitive and speedy delivery times.

10CUSTOMISED SERVICE, we have a highly qualified sales and technical department at your disposal, ready to attend to any inquiry our customers may have immediately.

11PRECISION DESIGNS AND UP- TO- DATE INNOVATIONS, our designs have evolved over the years and we are continuingly renewing our molds, we don’t use any old molds.

12WORKING CLOSELY WITH OUR CUSTOMERS, we guarantee that the fittings’ dimensions are accurate, to ensure that you will not have any joining problems.