ESTOAL has managed all its products and Brand in a sustainable way over the years. Its technical team have created, designed, improved and patented new items, always taking care of the quality to the nth degree, which has enabled the company to differentiate itself from its competitors. Efficiency, respect, integrity, trust, transparency, carbon footprint, happy working environment, punctuality and gratitude, are all values which are the heart of the company which leads to the day to day improvement of its services.

ESTOAL adheres to all of the following values: –

ESTOAL’s main goal is to satisfy the needs, expectations and desires of its customers with the priority to develop and continually improve its products. The objective is to sustain continual growth and optimise efficiency.

Respect is of vital importance to ESTOAL, being the soul of our organisational development. This value facilitates harmonious existence and wonderful team work in the work place.

Due to coordinated analysis and constructive criticism, the team, are able to perfect their performance.

Trust is achieved through transparency and ESTOAL’s impeccable day to day work practices, which is reflected in all the values of the Company.

At ESTOAL, we are honest with both, our customers and our suppliers, which we view as an essential value in order to obtain and keep an excellent reputation.

This value is key to remain sustainable, which allows ESTOAL to objectively quantify the environmental impact with the biocapacity of the planet. ESTOAL employs strict methodology in this area in order to identify its actions and to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

The emotional footprint is very important to us, both on a personal and work level because it facilitates communication, clears the mind, drives harmony, prevents sickness, unblocks inhibitions and strengthens personalities. It promotes synergy and cohesion between people, essential for team work and leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

Punctuality is a very important factor for ESTOAL, it affects all of the commercial, productivity and administrative chain. Everybody works together to accomplish the deadline which generates a high level of satisfaction and the trust of our customers.

Gratitude is a fundamental value to be a respectful and respectable business with a good reputation. As a company, ESTOAL is grateful to every single member of staff for their effort, hard work and support. We also appreciate the trust and loyalty of all our customers and suppliers, they are part of our team and thanks to their support we can constantly evolve.